Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Month's Worth of Recap Links

Here are the links to my last five recaps, oldest to newest:

-Loss to Utah

-terrible game against OKC

-great win against the Spurs led by LO

-Game 1 of the playoffs: we lost but I was at Staples and my bf made the intro video so all in all it was fun.

-My latest recap, Game 3 vs. NOH... GREAT win last night!!

The playoffs are finally upon us.... I can't believe it. I still have lots of basketball thoughts, but I'm not going to stress about updating or not updating because I figure god forbid if there is a lockout or some sort of shenanigans this summer/next season.... i'll have things to write about. I can get my ideas out then lol. I'm sure I'll construct some articles before then though ;)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Updates and an Impassioned Response to BS.

Wow, major slacking on my part!! I've been updating facebook and twitter so much that my own little blog fell by the wayside a bit :( Here's my article on the win last week against the Mavericks.... such a crazy game!! Not gonna lie, I mention it in the article, but I love fights. I'll have to do a post of my favorites one of these days... one of my early articles on the Kings talked about a bunch of them haha.

Honestly, I was bummed that the Lakers lost to the Nuggets on Sunday, but you can't win every game, and the Nuggets are doing pretty well surprisingly enough. I am just glad that Pau and Andrew are okay.... so scary to hear about. I'd probably cry if I thought either of them would miss extended time heh.

I just got sent an anger-inducing, TERRIBLE article hating on Kobe... if you are inclined to read it, there it is. And I couldn't help myself, so I left a comment which I will copy-paste here:

"That sure is a lot of hypothetical bullshit. How do you know Kobe wouldn't have won if he wasn't in Charlotte? Or anywhere else for that matter? It's not like Shaq has done that well for himself without Kobe... he's won one other title with another amazing player in Dwayne Wade, but other than that destroyed basketball in Phoenix, tried to jump on LeBron's bandwagon in Cleveland, which didn't work well, and hasn't done much for Boston this year either. Torpedoed them by the looks of it. And you seem to be forgetting that Michael Jordan didn't win anything his first 7 years in the league.... I guess Hall of Famers like Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman don't count for much.

Let's talk about Lebron: you say that if you put him on the 2006 Lakers in his prime, they would get 60 wins and compete for a championship. I think it's been pretty clear the past few years that that might be true, but rings aren't won in the regular season. Cleveland had the best record in the NBA two years in a row and got bounced before the championship round. And now he's gone to hook up with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh... he apparently doesn't think that he can win it alone either. Weird.

I will admit that Kobe is definitely not a saint. He makes bad decisions sometimes and used to be quite petulant and arrogant... however how can you say that he doesn't love the game? Basketball is his LIFE. He doesn't always use points to will his team to win; when he struggled in Game 7 last year, he crashed the boards and did everything he count to "will" his team to victory. There is no one with greater determination, greater spirit and greater will than Kobe. He has worked diligently to bring his teammates under the same fold in a positive manner, as opposed to how he might have handled things in the past.

No one has every won a championship alone. Are you saying that Magic Johnson isn't a winner or can't carry a team because he had Kareem, James Worthy and Michael Cooper? Is Larry Bird not one of the top ten players ever because he had 5 All Stars on his championship teams? Please.

People like you prove to me that you know nothing about basketball and that you twist logic and facts around to serve your vendetta against Kobe Bryant because you dislike him. I am obviously a huge Kobe fan, but I'm a Lakers fan first and foremost, born and raised in Southern California. It is not my fault that I have an amazing player on my home team. I feel privileged to watch him play every night and hope other teams get their own superstar that they feel so lucky about in the future. I'd like to see where you get your facts for the points he hits that don't matter. I can think of eight game winners he hit last year alone. If you're going to attack someone so vehemently, I would at least like to see some hard evidence for your BS."

I was pretty mad, to say the least. Not the best thing I've ever written, but it was more of a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing hehe.

Also, I'm kind of devastated that the regular season is almost over... only 6 more games.... but I'll save that for another entry :) Recapping the Utah game tonight, should be a good one hopefully!