Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Month's Worth of Recap Links

Here are the links to my last five recaps, oldest to newest:

-Loss to Utah

-terrible game against OKC

-great win against the Spurs led by LO

-Game 1 of the playoffs: we lost but I was at Staples and my bf made the intro video so all in all it was fun.

-My latest recap, Game 3 vs. NOH... GREAT win last night!!

The playoffs are finally upon us.... I can't believe it. I still have lots of basketball thoughts, but I'm not going to stress about updating or not updating because I figure god forbid if there is a lockout or some sort of shenanigans this summer/next season.... i'll have things to write about. I can get my ideas out then lol. I'm sure I'll construct some articles before then though ;)

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