Friday, December 9, 2011

CP3 and the Mysteriously Vanishing Trade

I'm basically waiting to comment on the Chris Paul craziness until all is said and done.... I went from happiness to disbelief and shock in literally 20 minutes last night and have been glued to Twitter ever since. I still find Twitter crazy, the way we get information nowadays. Literally up-to-the-second updates. But anyway shame on the NBA and David Stern for putting the players, teams and fans through this fiasco. Everyone feels wronged, and rightly so. I contemplated writing an article last night too, but there is nothing I could say that hasn't already been said... It's a unique problem when you find yourself with Celtics fans and all kinds of Laker-haters on your side. If Stern can veto this trade, why not any other in the future? Stay tuned for updates, the teams are talking again. I'm afraid to report anything because it changes so quickly lol. I'm also not convinced it's the best trade for the Lakers even though I've personally wanted Chris Paul on the team for years, but now it's about the principle of the trade, and of choice, as well. It has to get done.

David Stern Makes a Colossal Mistake- Ian O'Connor, ESPN New York
" The National Basketball Association has lost its way."- Bill Simmons, Grantland
NBA Sets a Dangerous Precedent- Ramona Shelbourne, ESPN Los Angeles
Chris Paul Veto: Vindictive and Petty- Michael Wilbon, ESPN

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