Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Champs Are Here!!

Imagine Pauly D from "Jersey Shore" yelling that post title, hahah. That's what I had in mind anyway. The Lakers had one of their best wins of the season Sunday afternoon in San Antonio. They demolished the Spurs from start to finish and had tons of attitude and swagger whilst they did so. It was freakin awesome! Especially considering I stayed up til 130am watching the game...

Yes, you read that right haha. I taped the telecast because I was working and then babysitting afterwards. Normally I would follow along online but because it was on my schedule of Lakers Nation recaps, I wanted to watch it properly so I could write about it. Totally worth it! I will admit to cheating and finding out we won beforehand, but it was still awesome to watch the whole game. They played so well and I love the ABC announcers. I was really proud of them and their committment and intensity throughout the whole game. Andrew has been a defensive and rebounding machine, which is what we need him for. It's nice when he scores, but his shot-altering presence is more important. I love seeing Ron beginning to flourish again and Kobe just embracing the good parts of his basketball personality while still being in feisty Mamba mode. I'm waiting for that ugly stick out chin one game soon ;) I'm glad that Matt Barnes is back and that Lamar and Pau are continuing their high level of play... everything is clicking right now. It's amazing.

My recap for Lakers Nation has gotten three times the attention of any of my previous articles by the way, which is so amazing- 702 "Facebook shares" which means 702 people posted the article to their facebook!! It doesn't keep track of how many reads, but safe to say it is even more than that. I can't believe it. My previous high was the high 200s. And I've gotten a lot more twitter followers as well and lots of positive feedback about my recaps. It feels pretty good =)

I'm really trying to savor the last month of the regular season and this winning streak because come playoff time I will be one big ball of stress. It's so unnatural but I can't help taking it so seriously. Important games give me anxiety and stomach aches and just.... feel terrible. Even winning doesn't give me much relief until it's all over. It's very spoiled to act that way I know, haha. But I have to "enjoy" it while I can I suppose. I wish I could relax and just have fun watching, but it's really difficult.

I am going to have tons of fun watching the Eastern Conference playoffs at least! No pressure there, and they are going to be dynamite. Literally every series will be awesome, and I figure whoever makes it to the Finals will just get beaten by the Lakers, God willing. The Western Conference is too boring to watch, besides the Lakers and whoever they play, but the others like I said will be awesome. This has literally been one of the best overall seasons of the NBA that I've ever watched. I'm rarely this interested in other teams, players, or storylines that don't directly relate to the Lakers but this year has been so exciting. Between the Bulls and Knicks, Blake Griffin and Derrick Rose, hoping the Celtics make it to the Finals so we can beat them/wanting them to lose all the time, to the soap opera saga of Miami's Big Three and the evil joys of rooting against them.... it's been extremely entertaining. God I love the NBA, I will cry if there's a lockout that affects next season.

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