Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Home Stretch

Once again, I have been slightly terrible at updating. I will say that I will be blogging lots more come playoff time, both on here as well as on Lakers Nation and The Sports Jury.

I'm really proud of the Lakers though- it seems like they've flipped their proverbial switch! 5 wins in a row since the All-Star Break... I think it was good for them to have a rest and refocus. They realize that the final stretch is upon us and the basketball gods have given them an opportunity to make a run at the Western Conference, with Tony Parker injured and all. Lamar, Pau and Andrew are all playing consistently awesome, Ron Ron is starting to thrive again, and Shannon is finding his shot. Kobe is Kobe and doing his thing, and I think Matt coming back is going to make a huge difference down the stretch. I can't waaait!! It would be so satisfying to win the championship again for many reasons, but also to shove in everyone's face that we didn't make a single trade during the season! No armageddon here!

I was SOOOOO disappointed that I didn't catch the Portland game... I've seen games like it of course, but I'm a sucker for a good comeback in a hostile arena with Kobe heroics... I was seriously bummed and mad at myself that I missed it. Oh well I guess..

I also got to go to the Lakers-Clippers game with my mom last Friday, which was iiiiincredible! The seats were crazy good- 20 rows back behind the visitor's basket, with no one seated in front of us. My mom is such a huge fan now too, so it was neat to go with her... I usually always go with my dad, but he said he'd take me to another game this season too =) I'm a lucky girl haha. But yeah, I was really stoked to see Blaaaake Griffin! It was a perfect game; he had a couple good dunks, the Clippers lost, the Lakers played well and Kobe was on fire in the third. Simply amazing. I kept two streamers that fell from the ceiling after the victory, one purple one gold, and just put them up in my room last night as a border around my window. I like knowing that they came from Staples =)

I really can't believe it's March already... crunch time is upon us. These next twenty or so games are the only ones I'll be able to truly enjoy for the rest of the year, so I'm going to have to work at savoring them and keeping calm. Playoffs are incredible, but I'm way too keyed up most of the time. I get so stressed out and anxious, and don't know if I can take another Finals like last year (although I know I will be lucky if they come that far again!). I thought I was going to have a heart attack every single day, I barely enjoyed any of it. hahaha how mental is that?! The Eastern Playoffs are going to be crazy, I'm excited to watch them. And the Lakers will have some good competition out West, but it will only be as entertaining to me because it's the Lakers.

I'll also have to appreciate it more than normal because who knows what will happen this summer with the bargaining agreement... we've begun to see how sticky the NFL situation is and I'm already terrified of a football lockout. If basketball was taken from me also, I don't know what I would do... it would be so devastating. And it might force me to actually watch baseball and hockey if I got desperate enough haha. But let's hope it doesn't come to that.

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