Thursday, October 28, 2010

And here....we....go!

I have decided, after years of thinking and not doing, that I am finally going to write a blog centered on my beloved Los Angeles Lakers. It might save me from updating my facebook status incessantly if I have somewhere else to post my Laker-related thoughts! haha. The plan is to write a reaction after every game, with some random entries sprinkled in for effect. I'm not going to do scouting reports on opposing teams, and I've never been great at knowing random shooting percentages or things like that... it's mostly going to be gut reactions and observations by a diehard purple-and-gold bleeding fan. And it's going to be fun! Especially if I eventually figure out how to post pictures on here :)

I decided to title my blog "Champagne Supernova" for a couple reasons. First off, we've been fortunate as fans to witness 5 championships within the past ten years... 7 in my lifetime if you want to count '87 and '88! The frenzy of the locker room after clinching a title, with champagne flowing and raining down on each member of the team is a memorable image to say the least. And champagne is practically synonymous with celebrations of all kinds! Secondly, a supernova is: a stellar energetic explosion which is extremely luminous and causes a burst of radiation that often briefly outshines an entire galaxy, before fading from view over several weeks or months. I think that captures the beauty of a championship team, especially a Lakers championship team, perfectly. A bright burst of cosmic energy that outshines everyone when all is said and done, yet tragically fades from view over time... until the next supernova bursts across the sky. Plus, I got the idea listening to the song by Oasis on my lunchbreak haha.

Just in case anyone has any doubts about my all-encompassing love of everything purple and gold:

*I am the girl who's earliest memory is of watching basketball, and who went to her first game at 5.
*I am the girl who has been defined for most of my life as "the Lakers girl"; it's one of the first things people learn about me. My passion for them radiates through every pore.
*I am the girl who screams at the tv as if they can hear me.
*I am the girl who is not religious but prayed every single night during the 2010 Finals.
*I am the girl who follows the Lakers all year long: I watch every game that's available on tv, use the radio and internet for the ones that aren't, and scour the web for scraps of news during the offseason.
*I am the girl who will argue all day long with Laker Haters and tell bandwagoners to take a hike.
*I am the girl who used to dress her beagle Joey in jerseys and make him pose for adorable photos.
*I am the girl who either buys or has to resist buying every purple and gold thing she sees.
*I am the girl who owns four Kobe jerseys, at least 15 Lakers shirts, a pair of Lakers Adidas and a pair of really sick gold snake earrings (Black Mamba!!)
*I am the girl that wears purple eyeliner, gold eyeshadow and purple/gold nailpolish during the playoffs.
*I am the girl who relishes buzzer beaters, but usually has a stress induced heart attack in the process. My heart rate spikes to dangerous levels and thunders away in my chest until well after the final buzzer has sounded.
*I am the girl who cries after they lose a close game (though not as much as I used to!).
*I am the girl who has amazing parents that love sports as much as I do and text me during games, and an amazing sister that patiently listens to me ramble on even though she doesn't love sports haha.
*I am the girl who looks forward to the distant future when I can share my love of basketball with my children...and dress them in tiny Laker outfits of course! haha
*I am the girl who has thought about getting some sort of Lakers-inspired tattoo....
*I am the girl who has loved Kobe Bryant from the very beginning... through heavenly ups and hellish downs, and everything in between. I never abandoned him and was ridiculed for defending him so vehemently, but all I ever cared about was his talent on the court. He wants to be the best player he can be, the best in the world and in history, and he uses actions not words to prove it. It's hard for me to explain what Kobe means to me... I love him as much as you can love someone you've never met, and I think it's because I've been able to witness his entire basketball life- from draft day until his eventual retirement. He gives me chills and makes me smile.
*I am the most obsessed, passionate, crazy, informed, intelligent and emotional Los Angeles Lakers fangirl that you are likely to ever meet :)

In closing this inaugral entry, all I have to say is THREE-PEAT BABY!!!! Larry O'Brien Trophy, you are staying in LA next June! All hail the REAL kings... the ones that have rings ;)


  1. absolutely cool blog morgan! nice to read about another basketball/laker junkie's thoughts!!! 3peat fo sho!!!! all hail the real ring kings!!!

  2. Thank you, I'm glad you like it =) Soooo excited for playoffs to get here... nervous too though haha. It's going to be awesome! #3peat.