Thursday, October 28, 2010

Game 1 aka Ring Night

The beginning of a new NBA season is like Chrismukkah and my birthday rolled into one. It's my favorite time of year!! I went to my favorite bar to watch Lakers vs. Rockets, and thought about taping it just in case I couldn't hear the ring ceremony. Luckily I could, and then I remembered it would be on youtube anyway. But how amazing was it!! Such a great idea, and so touching to hear the guys talk about each other. It shows what a long way this team has come from Lakers teams in the immediate past. Shaq-Kobe was a coexisting relationship, and I'm pretty sure Kobe wanted to murder everyone except maybe Lamar from October 2004-February 2008....Kwame, Smush, no Pau, no D Fish... terrible.

But anyway! The rings look amazing, I love that they added leather from the Game 7 ball to each one. A little peeved at Jeannie Buss for letting Bieber get his hands on Phil's ring, I really dislike that guy anyway and that was so not cool lol.

The game started out really well, Kobe looking enough like Kobe, Ron hitting his first three. Great energy. Of course they slacked off in the middle like they normally do and my stress levels quickly rose way too high for this early in the season. Freakin Game 1 guys!! Come on haha. I think the Lakers are a little like me... procrastinators who need pressure to get the job done ;) Pau was solid and amazing as always, and Lamar is a new man after winning the gold with Team USA. He looks like he's already in midseason form. I'm slowly warming to Matt Barnes, he's def a hustler and kind of a dirty player (which is fine when you're on my team and not against it haha). and ummm HI SHANNON BROWN!!! Not only is his vertical leap still insane, now he's draining outside shots too?! And leading the bench back to a lead?! With Kobe and Fish on the bench?! Holy cow, I love it. Also, WELCOME TO THE TEAM STEVE BLAKE!! 2 quick three's to help Shannon lead the charge, and the game winner with 18 seconds left! Now that's an initiation. Soooo great to see how much Kobe trusts him- enough to give up the shot and pass to the open new guy! Watching Derek's reaction on the bench was priceless as well. In fact, I love that none of these guys seem to be that concerned with playing time (except for maybe sasha and matt barnes)- they want their teammates to succeed so they can succeed and keep their deathgrip on the trophy :) And we FINALLY have a deep enough, good enough bench to do it. Awesomeeee.

Seriously though, that game was almost too much for me this early on. There were maybe 4 other fans in the bar and I was screaming like a lunatic after every big shot we hit. I'm sure everyone was like, um hello? It's game one out of eighty two, plus two months of playoffs. Calm down. hahah. I can't though! I know it's only one game, but I wanted them to get off to a good start, to have them end their amazing night with a victory. And honestly, it's fun to cheer and scream that much. Sometimes I wish I didn't care as much as I do, but right now it's all good and fun.

Oh and Miami lost too ;) I think I'll save some good Lebron stuff for another post. I have continually evolving thoughts on the subject.

All in all, great night, great victory. 1-0. A perfect record!! haha. Got some texts from my parents during the game, too bad my phone had died. omg funny story. At one point in the game, I think Shannon hit a particularly nasty shot and the camera cut to Kobe sticking his tongue out like, damn son! Exactly like Commodus in Gladiator when the blood sprays in the big battle scene in the Coliseum (fav movie ever btw). And my mom texted me "Kobe did a Commodus!" hahahah we are like the same person sometimes, I love it! And I wonder how many other people notice crap like that. GO LAKERS!!!


  1. I love how much you love the Lakers....your passion for them has always been undeniable and now it is indelible! Go Lakers! I look forward to reading your game 2 blog.....

  2. Yay, now we can be blog friends. Miss you <3

  3. Aww I miss you too Ash! I'd love to come visit you in Temecula one of these days :)