Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

For Halloween this year, I decided to fulfill my dream of being a Laker Girl!! haha. I googled tons of images so I could attempt to be as authentic as possible in recreating the look. I bought a gold sequin dress for $10 and affixed a Lakers logo to the middle and NBA logo to the bottom from an old sweatshirt that I cut up. I also attached a larger logo to the back of a purple cardigan I bought for $5 and completed the look with sneakers, curled hair, shimmer spray, and bright makeup. No purple/gold makeup though, and no hoop earrings or other jewelry; they didn't seem to wear those things and I was going for authenticity, I can be a superfan any day. I'm especially excited to wear my outfit tonight because they're playing Golden State at 7:30pm. GO LAKERS! And Happy Halloween :)

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