Thursday, February 10, 2011

Start a Fire...

Here's a great article from yahoo on Kobe's drive for another title. I like that he has been more forthcoming this season than years past when it comes to his views on basketball, on the Lakers and on his injuries. It makes me feel like I'm closer to him in a way because I understand him better... not that I know him at all heh. But I've always said that he is my favorite person in the world that I've never actually met, and I mean it. He also made a good point towards the end of the article:

“No one appreciates anything when it’s going on.”

Sadly, a very true statement... I would include myself in that as well. I've been trying to be better about appreciating my life and what I have and putting things in perspective as far as sports go. But yeah, not always easy.

Ahhhh I love Kobe!! And my Lakers. So stoked for the game tonight, although I didn't realize it started at 5pm, I thought it was 730. I don't get off work til 5, so I'll be rushing to the bar with my friends. Brought my jersey and a change of clothes with me! haha.

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