Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Win! And a look back

FIIIIINALLY!! I was able to tune in to the last couple minutes of the game, which were very exciting even though the interior defense was terrible. Luis Scola scored on a layup in the last minute of regulation to tie the game! ridiculous. But the boys pulled it out in overtime and looked good offensively from what I saw. Lamar, Pau and Kobe all had monster games (20 pts 20 boards for LO, 26 and 16 for Pau, 32, 6 and 11 assists for Kobe). Kobe became the third Laker with 5,000 career assists, and just the 7th player in NBA history with 25,000 points, 5,000 rebounds and 5,000 assists (all are Hall of Famers btw). AND he did it in fewer seasons than everyone except Jerry West, Michael, and Oscar Robertson. Quite the accomplishment. But yeah it was really good to see/hear that Pau was so aggressive and that Lamar was back in form with a season high in rebounds to boot. If only this had happened on Sunday :( But as long as they start getting their act together more consistently, I'll let it go.

I felt so bad... I really had no confidence in them during overtime. They've let so made leads slip lately and have closed out so poorly that I almost expected them to lose. And then I felt horrible because I'm of the mind that you should always have faith in your team. I do, but it was a moment of doubt for sure. I've said this before: I sometimes talk about the Lakers like they're my religion haha. Here is a word for word from my journal, which I wrote last year in April... it's sad that you could read it and think I was referring to this season because the complaints are the same:

"I don't even know where to begin with the Lakers. They are so disappointing, and have been for the past two months. I don't know what's wrong with them. I feel like the only one that is passionate and cares is Kobe. Maybe Pau. They have the potential to be so amazing, like they were in the beginning of the season. It makes me sad. The season isn't over by any means and they have time to recapture their swagger, but time is running out. Part of me has unwavering, even blind faith in the Lakers; I believe in comebacks until we're down more than 10 with 30 seconds left. Maybe that's unrealistic, but that's how I feel. The other part of me has serious doubts about their commitment, their passion and drive, their accuracy... I'm secretly scared about losing Game 6 or 7 to the Thunder. And if they make it past the first round, how far they will go with their current attitude and poor style of play. And then of course I feel bad about doubting, but faith and doubt are intertwined in a way. Haha this makes it sound like the Lakers are my religion :) I guess they kind of are. I hope they pull it together."

And as we all know, they did! Thank goodness. But yeah. It's incredible how that exact statement could have been meant for 2008, or 2009, or this year in addition to last year. Arghhhh. I guess that's part of being a sports fan. The frustrations that come along the way... and they never seem as bad after the fact of course but it's hard to see the forest through the trees sometimes.

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