Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Purple Yellow Purple Yellow

Sooooooooo excited for the rematch tomorrow night in Boston!! The Lakers better show up to play; I hope the trade rumors aren't rattling Andrew too much. But it should be entertaining as always. One of my best friends is going to be here from out of town as well, the one I used to watch games with, so it will be fun to see her and watch such an important game! I was glad to see them play hard against Memphis by the way and think the Lakers might be turning a corner, finally. The Black Swan is here to stay! hahah.

While I'm still writing here on my own blog, and for Lakers Nation too, I've recently begun to write for yet another sports blog. This one is not focused solely on the Lakers or basketball even, so I'll be able to write about football or fantasy sports when the time comes, or whatever strikes my fancy. I can contribute at my own pace as well, as much or as little as I want so it will be just another opportunity for me to let sports slowly take over my life ;) Here is the link to my first article for The Sports Jury, about the possible Andrew-Melo trade.

Also, if anyone who reads this is interested in following me on Twitter as well, my name is @morganameridius. I never used to tweet and pretty much follow athletes, some celebrities and ESPN personalities hahah. But yes, I do try to tweet about the Lakers now. And Jeannie Buss is one of my followers!!! I sent her a direct tweet about her book and gave her a link to my blog and she responded "yr blog is so adorable! Loved that U remember watching bball at age 2! i'm following U now so make me proud! Keep up yr fresh take on life." I almost died, I was so excited!

My most recent update (from yesterday): two more days... BRING IT!!! #hatetheceltics

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