Friday, February 11, 2011

Revenge is a dish best served Purple and Gold

Fear is spelled K-O-B-E is an awesome title and an even better article, from the Boston Globe no less. It is writers like that that make me realize maybe I should try harder to appreciate players I hate. Ehhh, don't want to ;) haha. I do appreciate Larry Bird and those Celtics teams; reading about them and the Showtime Lakers makes me really wish I was born earlier sometimes.

And of course, here is my delightful, happy, positive recap about beating the Celtics last night!! It felt really good, I won't lie. I forgot to add in my article one of my favorite plays of the game: Kobe got a MONSTER block in the fourth quarter, but unfortunately the Celtics got the ball back and Paul Pierce scored, damn him. But it was still a great play. I watched the game at my favorite bar with more Celtics fans than I am used to seeing there, and they were as loud and obnoxious as ever. As the game went on however, it became quieter and quieter as my smile grew larger. Even when the Lakers pulled ahead by nine, I refrained from cheering too much.

One thing I’ve worked on over the years as a Lakers fan is knowing the difference between cheering emphatically for my team and being cocky about it. I’m as loud as the next person when they hit a huge shot. I whoop and clap and jump around. I throw my hands up for a great shake and bake, or an emphatic dunk, or a three point dagger. I yell when they do something terrible and shout at opposing players who do something great.

What I don’t do anymore is talk trash until the game is over. I love talking trash, but only if someone else starts it and rarely before the final buzzer sounds. I used to rub games in people’s faces only to watch the Lakers squander a lead or lose in the playoffs and have opponents shout cheap shots and statistics at me. For the most part, I refrain from all of that nowadays- I wait for that championship trophy in June and smile politely when I hear something rude. Except whenever LeBron or the Boston Celtics are involved… old habits die hard ;)

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