Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I like this

Man. Between Sunday night's thrashing of New York and last night's massacre of Cleveland, the Lakers are on quite a roll. And I love it!! It was really fun watching the Knicks game because my friend Edwin is from New York and a huge basketball fan, and really fun to watch with. Not mean or trash talky at all. Plus we went with our friends to my favorite bar to watch; it was my first time watching a Lakers game at Millers since the season opener! I kind of lived there for games last year hahah. Made me really miss my friend Ashley... she'd watch any game with me, and we usually did so at Millers with a basket of fries and a mason jar of beer. So many fun times. But she's coming to visit in February and we will continue the tradition!

In any case, the Lakers played really well and it was also cool to get to see Amar'e play. Andrew got a vicious dunk on him in the 3rd quarter, it was aaaamazing! And Shannon had a crazy dunk of his own (naturally) in the first half, although instead of a straight breakaway, it was more along the baseline and slammed home. Killer. It was also interesting because Kobe has such a special relationship with the Knicks' coach Mike D'Antoni. He played with Kobe's father over in Italy and was the inspiration for Kobe's #8. At the same time, he's been a great adversary, coaching the Suns for those years that they knocked the Lakers out of the playoffs. Also, I now wish I watched more of the second half, because I missed Ron's flagrant foul and Andrew's two technicals. Not that I advocate violence or stupid play, but I do like my guys to be aggressive. On that note, Ron's been having a good turnaround lately, more efficient, better D. The Lakers in general are playing MUCH better D and I love it.

Last night's game was unbelievable from the get-go. Like I've said before, I try to watch every Lakers game no matter the opponent A) because I like to and B) because you never know when something special will occur. And holy shit.... the Cavs were eviscerated! 3rd largest margin of victory by the Lakers since the shot clock era. 112-57.... it was amazing to get such a decisive victory, but at the same time I felt bad for Byron Scott (former Laker!) and the Cavs. I turned it off in the 4th quarter and watched Iron Man haha. Saw the replay later of Shannon's half court 3rd quarter buzzer beater- he's been doing that a lot this year! The crazy thing was it didn't look like a giant heave, it had really nice form to it.

Excited for the Golden State game tonight, I hope the Lakers continue their dominance. I'll be writing a Lakers Nation recap for it as well :)

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