Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So I taped the game against Utah last night because I was out for dinner; I ended up watching it this morning at 7am before work hahah. Kind of fun, and kind of ridiculous. Just like the game. It was incredible, the Lakers were on such a roll. Everyone was contributing, everything was clicking, and it was so much fun to watch! Kobe makes shots that take my breath away and are so routine (for him) at the same time. He's gorgeous to watch. And Lamar had the most amazing circus shot in the fourth quarter. It was straight out of Kobe's playbook last season versus OKC, and spectacular. It was such a high tear drop rainbow over the backboard into the basket, and his reaction was hilarious. It was a look on his face like "hmm, guess that!" Shannon had a moment of his own, a monster of a missed dunk that would have been bananas if he made it. To be fair, his attempts are better than most people's makes, so it was still cool haha. He looked so sheepish and had the biggest grin on his face. It was cute to see him slouch over to the bench and Kobe give him a bear hug and smile. Leave it to Andrew to sum it up nicely on ESPN Los Angeles' McTen: "He tried to get a little bit too freaky on it." -- Bynum on why Shannon Brown missed a breakaway dunk in the fourth quarter. hahah. Here's my Lakers Nation recap of the game as well.

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