Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Win in Denver

Great win over Denver on Friday!! Ron was incredible, and had a season high 19 points while stifling Carmelo on the defensive end all night. Pau, Kobe, Lamar and Andrew all had double digit points as well; another balanced effort. The game was close at halftime (I think Denver was up by 3 even), but Kobe turned it on in the third and the Lakers pulled away big time. It was fun to watch and even though the Thuggets (as I like to call them) are imploding internally, I still like beating them haha.

I think my new plan when I watch games, besides taking notes, is going to be immediate reactions, so I can type them up the next day. If I do it immediately, when I'm thinking about it, hopefully that will make me less lazy about updating. I know the quality of my posts have taken a dive lately... alas, that's what happens when life and grad school applications get in the way! And now that football season is effectively over, my entire sports brain will be given over to the basketball gods. Hooray!

I'm going to dinner tonight, so I'll be DVRing the Utah game BUT I have a Lakers Nation recap due tomorrow so I will be watching it when I get home haha. What a nerd I am!

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