Thursday, January 6, 2011

Update City

Major slacking on my part... I've been away from my computer and stressing about grad school applications. But the Lakers looked really great last night! The past two games against Detroit and Phoenix, the defense has been much better. Apparently they are working on new defense schemes in practice, to which I say FINALLY! What they were doing before was obviously not working. After losing those horrendous three games, the Lakers beat down on New Orleans and squeaked out a 4 point win over Philly (a win is a win, I'll take one any way I can get it these days!). Of course, I didn't watch those games and was beginning to think I was bad luck haha, but they won last night against Phoenix and I saw that :) There was a backslide against Memphis on Sunday, but like I said: the past two games they have looked loads better.

It was awesome to watch a good old fashioned butt kicking against Detroit on Tuesday. Sometimes if the game is really in hand, I'll switch channels, but it's been so rare to get a win lately and a win like this in particular that I savored every single second and every single point. The starters got to rest for most of the fourth, which gave an opportunity for guys like Caracter, Joe smith and Luke to play. I'm not a big Luke fan to be honest, but he was hilarious and pretty good this game. He hit a three and then got a technical for taunting the Pistons bench. Like I said, hilarious. That is so not his personality and plus if I were him, I wouldn't be jawing after hitting one shot. He doesn't play enough to earn that right lol. Though on the next possession, he hit another three, which was sweet.

Last night I got to watch part of the game while I was babysitting (the boys are twin 7 year olds, and 5 and dont seem to care about watching sports haha... they were happy playing on their computers after hwk and dinner and let me put on the game). I got home in time for most of the third and it was a great game. Kobe hit some sick shots, including that crazy layup near the basket where he got all twisted and a really nice 3. Ron played well, coming up with some big steals and timely shots- Shannon too. They both hit big threes when the Suns were trying to mount a comeback. Andrew has continued to play well, getting an absolutely monsterous block at one point. The scary moment for me was when Lamar went down hard on his elbow and wasn't getting up... I started to freak out, but I think he'll be alright. It was a frightening moment though. I read that the Lakers held the Suns to 4 fast break points, which is insanely excellent. And Kobe is now the 10th leading scorer of all time, passing Dominique Wilkins during the Detroit game. Quite a feat. Overall, I was very pleased with their effort and level of play. Derek put it away with a killer shot late in the 4th, and he and Kobe did a hilarious hand slapping greeting by the bench, loved it.

I really hope this new energy and focus continues, I love my Lakers and want them to play like this all the time :)

Also, most of the slacking is going to stop soon, because starting this week, I will be writing a game recap once a week for I'll always post the link and article here too, so for at least one game I can kill two birds with one stone. I'm a little nervous, but it is a good opportunity and it will be fun! I just have to remember not to stress like it's homework or something haha. My first one of the new year will be tomorrow against the Hornets.

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