Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Broken, but in a good way.

The streak has been broken!! I got to see the last two minutes of the Lakers' wonderfully lopsided victory over the Kings on Friday night... sometimes blowouts can be boring, but in this case I thought it was wonderful. I had to work from 5-9 that night, hence missing most of the game (I feel like I say that a lot unfortunately...). But I'm really excited to see them play John Wall and the Wizards tonight! I really like John Wall. And I'm going after work to pick up Simmons' revised Book of Basketball, so maybe I'll write a review of his new Kobe chapter! I'm going to start working on an article for Lakers Nation to convince Lakers fans that The Sports Guy isn't so bad (even though he's a Celtics fan), so I could include that. I'm also working on a Kobe-Lebron article that will be ready before the Christmas game. It's based on a conversation I had with someone, but beefed up with more examples beyond the normal boring arguments.

Also, I know that no one will care and if you don't personally know me this will seem very out of place on a Lakers blog, but I was SO EXCITED for the Patriots win last night!!! I've been a diehard fan for about 11 years now and while it's never quite reached Lakers proportions, it's getting close. I love this team sooo much this year. It's full of rookies, undrafted no-names, short players...and they all play out of their minds every night because of the chip on their shoulder. Even Tom Brady still plays like no one believes in him, and that is why I love him. He gets so fired up during games and on the sidelines and works harder than almost anyone. I think that's why I like him, and Kobe, so much: their work ethic is off the charts and even though they are arguably the best at what they do, they work as if they've never won anything in their life. But yes. I love Wes and I love Danny Woodhead and Deion Branch and our wonderful rookie tight ends Gronkowski and Hernandez and I love Patrick Chung and Vince Wilfork and Ben-Jarvus Green-Ellis... I feel like I have a different favorite guy after every play, but with Tom and Wes Welker as the constants. That's how I feel about the Lakers too, but with Kobe as the constant. Anyway, sorry for the Patriots digression, but I couldn't help myself. They're playing more like the rag tag teams of the early 2000s than a team of superstars and I love it. Everyone comes prepared, comes to work, and does their talking on the field. And I've also viewed the Jets and the Heat as kindred spirits this season. No wonder I hate them so much! haha.

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