Friday, December 24, 2010

My First Memory

My first memory has always been of watching basketball when I was about two- I remembered sitting in my dad's chair eating a cookie and wondering why the people on tv kept running back and forth. The only problem was I had no proof that this in fact happened....until a few weeks ago!! I was watching with my mom and sister and found a tape that we hadn't seen before and it had this. EXACT. memory on it! Yay for previously undiscovered home movies. I felt like my whole existence was vindicated hahah. It was just really neat to know that I hadn't made it up or romanticized it too much. It's hard enough to think of early memories, and I always have to double check that I haven't seen a picture or video of it first. Ironically it was the other way around this time :)

I also googled May 26, 1988 (the date in the video) and found out that Boston beat Detroit in 2OT in the Eastern Conference Finals… they went on to lose the series and then Detroit fell to the Lakers in Game 7. But yeah, it might be slightly egotisical but this video is awesome and makes me happy :) haha.


  1. That is the sweetest,most charming little snip I have ever seen.I love the way you are maneuvering your pacifier and the oatmeal cookie. And how your Dad is getting it down on tape that he "has things covered" in the babysitting realm. And so coolthat your memory matches up--that is an awesome discovery. I watched it 2x :-)

  2. I know, Daddy's commentary is pretty funny :) Yeah, I really like this clip haha... watching home movies in general is so fun!