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I tuned into the game at halftime, after driving home in scary rain from the library haha. It wasn't looking that great, to be honest. Just a lot of the same problems they've had of late: sloppy play, mediocre defense, etc. The Sixers actually lead by 4 at the end of the 3rd quarter, but all of that changed in the last period. The Lakers closed out the game masterfully, as well all know they are capable of doing. They moved the ball, played unselfishly, executed, and most importantly got stops. The Lakers had a 21-4 burst to start the 4th!! Incredible. Lamar and Matt were playing extremely well, with Lamar getting a season high 28 points. They connected a number of times with good passes and ensuing makes, and created a lot on their own too. They each hit a 3, along with Steve Blake, after the team missed their first 12 attempts. Good time to get hot, I'd say :) After Steve's huge 3 which put the Lakers up by 15 with only a couple minutes left, Kobe had a huge smile for him, which I always enjoy seeing... Kobe doesn't smile a ton on the court. One of the most illustrative plays of the Lakers' improved ball movement and unselfishness in the quarter was a play with 4 of the Lakers stationed around the three point line, flinging the ball to each other around the court to the right corner and dishing to a wide open Lamar who drove inside for a layup. Perfect, beautiful execution. One of the most unusual but wonderful aspects of their 93-81 victory over Philadelphia? Kobe had 9 points on 3 of 11 shooting. 9 points!! And they still won by a large margin because of their ability to close out their opponent. Of course, he had his hand in a number of plays either by assists, steals or simply leadership, directing his teammates around the court. It was awesome. He hurt his pinky though, so hopefully that won't be a serious issue... They are 5-1 on their roadtrip with their only loss coming to the Bulls by a measly four points. I actually like the Bulls a lot, and they're also the only team they played with a winning record, so it's not the worst thing in the world.

Here's a good article I found about Michael Vick showing up at the game:
The Lakers were treading water, caught in a one-point game with the Sixers who had lost two out of every three games they played all season coming into Friday, when a most serendipitous ticket request paid off.

With just about two minutes remaining in the third quarter, Eagles quarterback Mike Vick entered the Wells Fargo Center, causing what can only be described as a delayed wave as Philly fans broke into a standing ovation section by section as the scrambling passer made his way from one corner of the arena to his courtside seats.

"You would have thought the president walked in or something," said Lakers reserve Matt Barnes.

An "MVP! MVP!" chant followed from the Philly faithful and then the sellout crowd of 20, 366 were singing the Eagles fight song.

As the crowd crooned, "Fly! Eagles fly! On the road to victory ...," the Lakers did just that, turning a six point deficit late in the third quarter into a double-digit rout by the midway point of the fourth.

"We just couldn’t seem to find it in the first three quarters," Lakers head coach Phil Jackson said. "I think it was when they played the Eagles fight song. I think that’s the thing that did it ... They were on a little bit of a run and I think that slowed that down a little, actually."

Vick wouldn't have even been there had it not been for Barnes. The former high school football star hooked up a couple of his gridiron pals.

"I gave Mike and [Eagles wide receiver] DeSean [Jackson] tickets," Barnes said. "I know DeSean back from Cali and Mike’s people hit me up. It’s good to have those guys here supporting us. I take care of people like that, so hopefully they can do me a favor in the [NFL] playoffs or the Super Bowl if we have some time."

The Lakers are football fans just like the rest of America and Vick has been a popular subject to talk about all season, be it from the Eagles fan Kobe Bryant, Giants fan Lamar Odom or Cowboys fan Derek Fisher.

Odom, talking about the upcoming Giants-Eagles matchup before the Lakers game even started was chatting in the locker room about how he's been a fan of Vick for years, being a fellow lefty.

"That goes to show you how much the fans appreciate Michael Vick and I’m pretty sure wherever he goes, whether it’s Philly or other places, people acknowledge him because people I think understand his story," Odom said. "I think a lot of people are ready to forgive him for what he’s done and appreciate his work. I think we all realize how good he is and how much he means to the world of sports entertainment."

After the game Barnes beckoned for Odom from the hallway as he was waiting with DeSean Jackson. "I know he's about to start some [stuff]," Odom said as he went to face some trash talk for his Giants fandom.

Bryant, the Philly native, relished in Vick's appearance.

"This whole place went bananas and I was one of them," Bryant said. "Everybody knows I’m a Yankees fan and I get a lot of [crap] for that here, but I love my Eagles so I was excited just like everybody else."

Seen in the locker room: Three Philly soft pretzels and a jar of spicy mustard waiting for Bryant at his locker after the game.

Matt Barnes with a signed jersey Vick gave him after the game for the tickets!

Funny story: I found a Lower Merion Kobe jersey on ebay for $30, in a size medium which would be good. I sent the link to my friend on gchat and he was "omg i want that" and proceed to buy it within 30 seconds. I was stunned!! They only had one medium and I told him that I hated him for taking it hahah. Then he felt really bad, but I told him it was fine. I'm sure there are more and I probably would have felt guilty for spending the money anyway. But I still want one :) A white one I think, as opposed to maroon, because all the pictures I found of Kobe have him wearing the white one.

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