Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Power of Purple

I love reading about Bill Simmons and his kids: how he tries to brainwash them into liking sports, how he took his daughter to her first basketball game when she was 3, and how he's campaigning against her love of the color purple because he's afraid she'll grow up to be a Lakers fan. Granted, she was born and raised in LA and as he points out, he himself said that if you grow up somewhere with a team, THAT is your team. Apparently he's making an addendum that your parents' rooting interest can take precendence. I just love the "20 Rules for Being a True Sports Fan " article he came up with- it's one reason I'm so fanatical nowadays. But yes, even though I don't condone anti-Lakerdom, his new article is amazingly funny. Simmons talks about decorating his son's room in all Boston stuff and dressing him in Boston clothes and how he has no idea what it all means because he is only 3. That will be my child, but in all Lakers gear. I'm all for brainwashing... if it's for the right team ;)

Best Article I've Read in Awhile
(seriously, read it!)

*and on the flip side, here is a sobering look at the city of Cleveland. Lebron returns tomorrow and it is going to be insane. I'm definitely not missing that game. When I read about people that love their teams that much, for that long, without gratification... it makes me feel almost unworthy to be a Lakers fan. To care when they lose, because they never lose for long. To complain about anything related to them. I don't feel like I have the right when I read about places like Cleveland. It's also not my fault that I was born in California and that they are my team... but still. lol.

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