Friday, December 24, 2010

Milwaukee loss and Christmas thoughts

It was lovely being able to watch a whole game on Tuesday night; it was only the day after getting my wisdom teeth out and my mom had just driven back up to OC sooo I was sitting cozy on the couch, relaxing and watching Fox Sports West. Too bad the game wasn't any good. To be fair, the Lakers kept it within 4 for most of the night, but considering how many players Milwaukee had on the bench, we should have blown them out. Classic trap game, as the announcers kept saying. Kobe got ejected in the 4th for collecting two technicals and the Lakers lost by 19. Uglyyyy. Although Kobe's ejection did make me giggle, mostly because I could clearly see Kobe say "Fuck you" hahahah. I love reading athletes' lips on tv! And I don't think there's anything wrong with your best players/leaders getting a little feisty once in awhile. Maybe this game will light a fire under them and they'll come out blazing against Miami.

I can see tomorrow going one of two ways: the Lakers will get blown out, much like last year and it will suck. (They rarely play well on Christmas anyway). Orrrrr the Lakers will come out and eviscerate the Heat because of: their loss on Tuesday, the fact that they know it's a big game no matter what they say publicly, and the fact that they're pissed that everyone overlooked them this summer because of the "Big 3". I hope it's the second. Although I do love dramatic wins at the buzzer, but that might be too much to handle. And even though that would be fun, I'd rather embarrass Dwayne Wade and Co :)

Here is the shirt I will most likely be wearing tomorrow:

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