Thursday, December 2, 2010


I can barely put my disappointment into words right now. I cannot believe that the Lakers have lost 4 in a row... all games that they should have and could have won btw. Kobe is going into one-on-one, shoot the lights out mode, Pau is tired from having to carry so much of the Lakers' weight on his back, the Killer B's are having growing pains, and Ron is wearing out his goodwill from last years' playoffs. Derek is Derek and Lamar is Lamar. Not much you can do about either of them I feel.

I'm just so frustrated with them!! I watched the game on my computer last night- funny story: used, which streamed via fox sports houston, which streamed via!! wtf hahah. Tons of British commercials and adverts for "Jets-Patriots, Monday at midnight". Hilarious and awesome. But yeah, watched on my computer and they didn't look great, but they looked decent and then just threw the game away. I turned it off wtih 20 seconds to go, which I rarely do, but it was already a lost cause. And then I cried for a couple minutes, just sniffling and feeling my hot angry tears run down my cheeks. I was so angry, and sad, and extremely disappointed and frustrated. I felt let down. And while I respect Shane Battier as one of the only players in the NBA who can actually guard Kobe, he had no right to go off for all those shots late in the 4th. He's not a scorer, he's a defender!!! I started shouting at my computer "F*** YOU SHANE BATTIER!" It's easier to blame the other team than your own, even though it was mostly the Lakers own mistakes that killed them. And who the hell is Kevin Martin and why was he hitting SO. MANY. BASKETS.


I hate when they lose. Sometimes it ruins my whole day. Luckily, I watched 6 eps of Parks and Rec on Netflix afterwards. I've just started season 2 and it is hilarious. It's hard to figure out when to panic and when to not over the Lakers. I know it's only December 2nd, so on one hand big whoop. But they're showing some serious flaws that need to be addressed asap and it is concerning me. They HAVE to beat the Kings tomorrow night. Jesus.

P.S. I was about to write some angry facebook statuses but realized that would be lame (I'm trying to move away from that) and that is what this blog is for anyway. Hah.

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