Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Road Trip

I haven't found anything really inspiring to write in here lately, to be honest. I missed the Chicago game because I was at a book signing in Long Beach (the author is Australian and the Lakers have at least 4-6 more months of bball... I think I made the right choice haha). Still, as much as I like the Bulls the outcome was very disappointing. I watched all of the Lakers-Nets game in bed on Sunday morning (yay computers!). Closer than it needed to be, but they closed out the 4th well. I'm interested to see how they'll look against the Wizards tonight. And I'll add my Obama thoughts to that post tomorrow, when I'm back at work and looking for something to do during my down time :) I have so many article ideas brewing in my head... I just have to commit them to paper. Easier said that done sometimes hah.

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